About KKM Models

ETF Model PortfolioCreated by KKM Financial, the Model Account Platform (M.A.P.) is a separately managed account solution powered by Nasdaq Dorsey Wright. M.A.P. provides access to Nasdaq Dorsey Wright model strategies through a single account. This distinct access is provided with low minimums, flat fees, and the benefits of real-time performance reporting as well as intra-day liquidity. Nasdaq Dorsey Wright models (through a UMA/SMA structure) are offered to investors on this modern, yet user-friendly platform. M.A.P.’s next-gen technology enables investors to easily research, customize, and allocate to a wide range of Nasdaq Dorsey Wright investment models across multiple accounts in a technologically sophisticated manner with comprehensive reporting. KKM Financial utilizes best execution policies and procedures on all model account portfolio implementation. Confidence in liquidity into the ETF universe that drives the Nasdaq Dorsey Wright models is established by utilizing some of Wall Street’s top execution firms.

Unlike other ETF model portfolio offerings from other providers such as Vanguard, Fidelity, and Morningstar, Nasdaq Dorsey Wright model portfolios utilize proprietary Relative Strength methodology. Relative Strength Methodology defined by Nasdaq Dorsey Wright: The most adaptive tool we have found to identify the strongest trends from the weakest within an investable universe is Point & Figure Relative Strength. Our Relative Strength calculation is designed to target long-term themes of outperformance, while also remaining responsive enough to allow for rotation when market trends necessitate. In short, Relative Strength attempts to minimize exposure to underperforming positions, while letting profitable positions run. Most importantly, this systematic and rules-based approach eliminates the subjective or “emotional” trades, as the calculation is derived from price data alone.

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